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Factoring in Asia dedicated to micro, small and medium enterprises to provide accounts receivable financing and related value-added services。We're not just a traditional commercial factoring institutions。We combined with the accumulation of many years of experience in global supply chain management、Leading supply chain financial service mode and the Internet service platform,To micro, small and medium enterprises to build a set of supply chain finance、Accounts receivable management、Credit investigation and evaluation、The credit risk guarantee for the integration of innovation comprehensive factoring services platform。【To learn more】

The cumulative proportion approved

Reflect the financing enterprises in Asian factoring the ease of obtaining financing,The higher the risk control approval rate,Enterprises in Asian factoring is easy to obtain financing。

The latest financing for examination and approval of the average time for the first time

The speed of the reflect funding approved。Financing enterprises can according to the data and need the money in time,Arrange financing for material preparation in advance。

Approved this year is the largest/Minimum

Reflects Asia customer approved limit range of factoring financing situation,Rely mainly on the financing credit trade scale of the enterprise。

This is the largest/Minimum cost of financing

The cost of financing and main capital market cost,The risk of the enterprises, and financing。

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【The news】Good news again,Factoring in Asia“Before the top ten business model enterprise”

【The news】Good news again,Factoring in Asia“Before the top ten business model enterprise”[For details]