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    • EntranceeNetcom

      EntranceeNetcom is for high school students all-round development of Internet products and services
      For high school students to provide online tutoring teacher...

    • Classes begin

      Classes begin,Focus on the points and the comprehensive development of the Internet school in junior high school students
      Teacher counselling teaching via the Internet....

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      Wages and benefits



      • Paid vacation Monthly party building
      • The annual event Holiday gift bag
      • Tea in the afternoon Staff physical examination
      • The family1+1 Warm1+1
      • Double green plan Commercial insurance
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      The way of choose and employ persons

      The talented person


      • Simple open
      • Like-minded
      • Have a fighting spirit
      • Have found the problem
      • Or the ability to solve the problem
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      Recruitment requirements



      • A senior.NETDevelopment engineers
      • A seniorPHPDevelopment engineers
      • Senior product manager
      • The front-end development engineers
      • The product manager
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        1. The company headquarters:Hangzhou gongshu district road north-south business in wenzhou port

          The phone:0571-88305575

          The mailbox:mistong@ruishibo.com.cn

        1. Marketing headquarters:Jianggan district, hangzhou city, the east garden e-commerce

          The phone:0571-86889006

          The mailbox:shichang@ruishibo.com.cn

        1. Hangzhou wisdom advertising creative park:Hangzhou gongshu district auspicious garden road108NumberASeat9Floor

          The phone:0571-87036866

          The mailbox:mistong@ruishibo.com.cn

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